It’s a hard question to answer..

Gian-Carlo Corba | Ginga

Yep, that ugly face is me.

Even if I’m 28 years old, I’m still searching for an answer, but in a simple way I´m a human being, son of the World.

Jokes apart. My name is Gian-Carlo Corba (also known as Ginga).  I was born on July 3rd, 1992 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I’m half Italian and half South African (with Scottish, English and Austrian blood). I like to say I’m a blend of different countries and cultures.

When I was 2 years old I moved to Italy, only with my dear mother since my father left us before I was born.

From a very young age I started to travel to many European and African countries; I’ve being seeing incredible things and met extraordinary people that taught me life from different angles and point of views.

So far I’ve been into 26 countries, 13% of the world. One of my life goal is to reach 100% and more ( 😛 ).

I’ve lived in Thailand for almost 4 years, where I’ve boosted my professional Muay Thai career and co-built a business around this sport (Muay Farang).

In the years I’ve learned many professions and worked with them as a freelancer or collaborator. The most important and currently active are: Photography, Video Making, Web Design, Web Marketing and Muay Thai instructor.

And I’m Vegan, by choice.

I love almost everything of this world, but mostly: nature and animals.

I have to admit that I’ve some problems with the human kind. In fact it makes me really sad seeing how we’re destroying our own and only home.

Beside of what history taught and still shows us, I think we are capable of amazing things but also the worst things imaginable.

What differentiates us from most other creatures is the power of thinking and choosing. Therefore we can do more than follow only our instinct.

I admire us for how we’ve evolved, what we’ve done, built and created, what we’ve discovered, etc. But I can’t really accept that we’re wasting our intelligence by going against nature and doing things we shouldn’t do.

We’re continuing to build a society made of falsity and illusions; we’re still killing and enslaving people and animals for no reason; we’re polluting and destroying the nature and habitat we live in; we’re building a strong and bad ego, which forces us to isolate from others instead of opening ourselves; (I could continue writing, but I think I proved my point).

All of this because of the need of power and control (therefore money).

Anyway, so far I’ve lived a crazy and wonderful life; I’ve been raised by my wonderful Mother, who firstly taught me how to be a good person and respect others.

While living and travelling the world, I understood, and am still discovering, how we are made, how we work and what we really need.

I believe one of my reasons for living is to give joy to people, trying to help whoever I can, without asking anything back, even renouncing my own time, resources, opportunities, etc.

In the end, I believe we’re currently living a life journey that’s not natural. We fill it with useless technology, things and fear/hate, when we could use our intelligence and power to improve ourselves and the planet, building and creating without destroying and loving with no conditions.

By the way “This is how I see the World”.