It’s a hard question to answer..

Sometimes I ask myself who am I? Even if I’m 23 years old, I’m still searching for an answer, but in a simple way I´m  a Human son of the World.

Jokes apart.  My name is Gian Carlo Corba (Ginga is my nickname).  I was born on July 3rd, 1992 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

fb-profI’m actually half  Italian and half South African (i also recently discovered i have also Scottish, English and Austrian blood), let’s say I’m a blend of many different continents…

When I was 2 years old I moved to Italy  with my lovely mother, since I never had a father.

Since I was little boy I travelled to many countries of Europe and North Africa, mostly with my mother and my friends.

From 2011 I live in Thailand, training every day (my profession is Muay Thai) and working as a Photographer, Video Maker, Graphic Designer, etc.

I love Nature, Animals, Art, Photography, Technology and much more.

Why I said I don´t love Humans? Because I honestly think that the human species is a deadly disease of this World…

We are capable of great things and we have a great Heart but we are also capable of the worst things immaginable.

What i forgot to say?

Aw ye, so far i lived a crazy and wonderful life; i’ve been raised by my wonderful Mother (yes, my father refused me), who teached me many good things about life and prepared me to it since i was a little kid. During my life and while travelling the World, i met many people, saw many places and i can say i saw how life works, in 1st person.

I regret many choices i made, but i’m sure that everything i ever did was for a reason that my unconscious wanted.

I’m usually considered as a good person, also because since i think my reason for living is to give joy to people, i usually help whoever i can, even renouncing my time, resources, opportunities etc…

But at the same time, some people think i’m bad… I’m quite lucky and unlucky at the same time. I used to judge a lot people, but than i understood it was stupid, because everyone has a story behind, that made what we are today. Knowing and wanting to help too many people, made me lose many some of them, yes the ones who think i’m bad.

What i always tried to tell everyone, from the deep of my heart, is that i don’t do things to hurt anyone, actually i only “try” to help. Most of the times i don’t think of what i do and i always show what i am, saying mostly truth from the beginning. I hate lies, even though i used to tell many when i was younger. I’m very complicated and most of the people will never understand or accept me for the way i am; actually i feel sorry for them, because they surrend easily and don’t know what life can bring.

By the way “This is how I see the World”…