We’re living in a fast and always evolving era, where things don’t get repaired but replaced.

We live a life full of virtual, futile and life-filling things, that take away our time to satisfy needs that aren’t actually needs.

As I see the world, human kind is maybe the best thing ever created in the known universe, especially our brain, because it has the privilege to auto-analize itself, grow, evolve, feel emotions etc etc. To me these are essential aspects for something that’s superior to everything we can imagine so far.

The real evolution of our brain could bring us in a new era, a revolutionary one, where humans don’t have to fill their life with accessories like work, money, cars etc, but they can spend time to upgrade, improve, innovate, create, imagine new scenarios, life moments, constants and variables of our life… something that yet we still don’t what it is.

We live our life learning at school things we don’t really need to know, we go work our whole life to bring food to our table and to fill our time with accessories, then we all die wishing to have spent time in a different way.

Well one thing i think we’re all sure about life is that on the other side there’s death.

Yeap, we’re all going to die. Since we know this and we’re more intelligent than other creatures, we’ve started to fill our life with time-filling things, such as work, taxes, society, and all the rest that is directly connected to those.

What would happen if we would spend our life looking for answers, improving things already invented/discovered, discovering new things/facts about life, or simply learning to look deeply inside us and learning just about ourself?

I think that we could really evolve in something that i call human kind 3.0, where all the psychedelic and fantasy scenarios that we’ve imagined in movies and books could come true, especially because they already came out from our mind, so what makes them impossible?

Today our society is evolving in a something that i don’t really think the most of us wants. We live in a society where the rich get richer and the poor get always more controlled and hijacked to live a life that they don’t really want.

If we look closely we can see that our society clearly looks like a Monopoly game, where a player is owning all the table and the others have no power to control anything, what they can only do is to accept the situation as it is or leave the game. Noways we’re so used to this type of game that we accept it as it is, we don’t quit it, actually we think what the one who has power wants us to think: that we the power to choose. Well sadly we don’t.

Our society is evolving is something really strange. Blind eyes everywhere. Deaf ears in every corner. Chained mind in every spot.

In 1999 one of the best movies ever created came to the cinemas: The Matrix.

In almost 20 years we’re seeing most of the scenarios and messages that the movie directly and indirectly showed us. But yet we’re thinking we’re leaving a full freedom life.

I like to say that freedom is something created from those who have power and given to those who don’t have it. In fact we’re living in a world controlled by really few very powerful families, politicians, companies etc, who really have the power to make us choose between a range of options they systematically chose.

What I really think and I wish it would be possible to achieve, is to really change the world.

And it doesn’t really take a lot when you think everything change from us, our actions and our choices. We also have the most powerful machine ever created in the universe (our brain ndr.) so why not using it fully?