A very good friend of mine once opened my mind by saying that overthinking is a disease. I've never thought about what implies to think too much before that moment.In fact I've always been against people who take things not seriously, those who don't actually think what they're doing.But on the other side I've always thought of those people could live a better life.It's not easy to live a life where your brain is constantly working on calculating the consequences of every action and interaction. Most of the times I don't do things because I've already predicted the next steps, what's happening after that choice, regardles listening my heart and sentiments and always only listening to the smart organize of my body. But....again it's not easy, as far as I can survive the most difficult  situations I can't stand regular / common interactions, because I know what they're leading to.Also because of my needing to respect others, I just simply avoid most of these interactions, leaving the moment. Therefore I know this is wrong and I would love someone who has been the same to teach me how to go thru this.