im falling down by malyna175 deviant art (2)

I’m falling down. by Malyna175

With this I don’t want to mean that I’m a lonely person, with few friends, no emotions etc or the classic question that if we’re alone in the universe, or there’s a God.

What I really mean is: “Is there someone, in the remote parts our home (hearth) or even beyond (universe), that really understands my meanings when i talk, that can actually read the pictures i take and see beyond what the common and blind eyes show to our brain”.

I’m surrounded by “friends” and people who act like they know something or the answer to life. People with no experience of life, who lived their entire life in a open air prison, made of illusions and cement.

Why no one has any principles worth to fight and live?

Why are we changing in something that isn’t in our nature?

In these days I’m meeting an extraordinary quantity of quality people.

By this I don’t mean they’re special or something, but they simply listen to what I need to say.

I always listened to anyone who had to say, confess, vent something: a thought, an experience, a daily journey, love affair etc.

The evolution made become the World a smaller place and today with Internet, we really understand that we all live in a “one” place, made of people and cultures.

Thanks to this, today it is way much easier to connect with other people, interact with them, share our life and the different opinions about life and our existence.

Am I alone then?

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