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This is how I see the World



Sunset in Torino.-#MonkeyPix #Cityscape #City #Trees #Emotions #Torino #Italy

Hello world!I would like to show you guys one of my last pictures printed on a Aluminium Dibond Butlerfinish panel by #SaalDigitalItaly.The print is just majestic, amazing colours and overall quality.The shipment was incredibly fast, it actually took just 3-4 days to arrive, even counting that it came from Germany. The package was pretty solid and strong, even though I saw a couple of little scratches that luckily won't be noticed by many.I've expected the picture to be printed on a higher resolution, but you can only notice it if you get a closer look. The perfect distance to admire the pic, is from about 1.5/2m from it.Colours are very vivid and well saturated, while the blacks and shadowd are quite dark, this is why I suggest to increase the brightness of them before sending the picture.The white isn't actually printed and instead there's the natural aluminium color, which gives an amazing effect to the picture. One amazing things is the fact that the print changes quite a bit from the angle of viewing and the light direction; the best solution is to use natural light, while for interiors and night time, I'd use some direct lights, pointing from the top right angle or the bottom right (in my case).The overall reaction is more than positive. Sometimes I look at this picture and reminds me of the time I took it; in fact this is not a normal print, it actually gives the opportunity to be fully immersed in it, giving you feelings and emotions of the photographer while took the picture.Hope you like the picture guys! :) -#SaalDigital | | -#Printint #Picture #Sunset #DigitalPhotography #SouthAfrica #Colors #Hdr #Contrast

#Spring 2017TorinoChapter 3 -#Primavera #Torino #Italy #Flowers #Blossom #Pink #Riverscape #Nature #City

Spring is here.

Abstract – #Milano #Italy #Italia

This is how I see the World

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