| This is how I see the World

by Gian Carlo Corba - Ginga

The view of happiness.

Lifetime in a pic.Credit for this amazing pic @iamahuman2015

This is how I see the World

Awesome creatures :)

With the fellows

Affrettatevi! È uscito il nuovo calendario "How not to pose, 2017 ed."Nelle migliori edicole

This is how I see the World

Soussovlei desert sunset – Namibia-#2BumsandaBakkie #MonkeyPix #Namibia #Africa #SoutherAfrica #Sunset #Desert #desertlife #Nature #Naturephotography #Landscape #Landscapephotography #SunSetting

Watching a fantastic sunset in one of the most beautiful desert of the world: Soussovlei and deadvlei desert – Namibia

Driving in the Namibian desert

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