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by Gian Carlo Corba - Ginga

Its about time 🌍Even tho i would have preferred finding someone with the same (crazy) spirit as mine.As many people told me, Italy might not be the right place to find the partner I hoped to find.Got too much used to people who loved each other for they're soul, especially capable of understanding more and not being part of the mass, especially those who don't have all what we have.Strange fact the only Italian people I've met with my same thoughts want to leave or already left Italy.

Achieving climbing πŸ”

Wish i could be like a butterfly…

To infinity and beyond.

Yesterday's sunset #Clouds #Skyscape #CityScape #Torino #Turin #Italy #Italia #OnePlusOne

Quick snack Piadina with rocket salad, vegan cheese and South African spicy soy meatballs #Vegan #VeganFood


My 2 little fatty buddies πŸπŸ€

This is how I see the World

Well, finally starting to get good at making 😈 (aka Seitan) Btw we, poor vegans, who can't eat anything and get proteins lolGrow up people#Seitan #Vegan #VeganFood

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